from the yale-china fellowship


"My participation in the [YCF] was unquestionably the most pivotal experience in my career and arguably the most impactful experience in my adult life. The challenges thrown at me in Changsha helped me discover both my strengths and weakpoints and bred in me a passion that drives me to this day....Everything I’ve done since then has built on those skills and focused very clearly on China."

/ Drew Nuland, Managing Director of Bacardi Shanghai  /


"My most important professional experience to date was producing and directing an hour-long documentary on the Chinese economy for the Wall Street Journal television series “Emerging Powers” which aired on PBS last year. I was considered for this job in large part because of the time I spent in China—so quite literally, participation in the [YCF] helped me land the most important job of my career. "

/  Mary Ann Rotondi, Producer, Dateline NBC  /


"...The combination of self-confidence and humility that my China experience taught me....I think my Changsha experience made me more tenacious, wiser about the variety of human motivations, and more willing to walk around, question, and act on my own analysis. These traits have, I believe, served me well in my various professional roles."

/ David Jones Jr., Chairman and Managing Director, Chrysalis Ventures, Inc. /


"Teaching at Hu-Yi was an excellent transition between my college life/reality of Asian Studies with my future— medicine....I had always known I was interested in medicine, but my time with Yale-China in Changsha and Wuhan broadened my interests to international public health and women’s health and moved me in those directions…."

/  Audrey Garrett, Gynecologic Oncologist  /