Alumni Spotlight: David Auerbach

David Auerbach

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Yali High School, 2004-2006



David and the Yale-China Fellowship

Having taught English in rural Changsha, David saw the Yale-China Fellowship as his window into the developing world.  After attaining his MBA at MIT in 2011, 

David moved to Nairobi, Kenya and helped found Sanergy, an organization dedicated to tackling sanitation crises in developing nations

through proper waste facilities and treatment.  In the past six years, over 1000 hygienic, accessible and affordable toilets have been installed in local Kenyan settlements and are emptied by trained local professionals daily.  This has prevented medical and ecological disasters that could have damaged the growth of developing societies.

David believes the effects of his time in China are prominent in his daily life.

Thanks to the YCF, he now knows how to develop young people's skills, understand cultural context, build trust, respectfully introduce new ways of thinking and be aware of his own foreignness in another culture.  

Though seemingly obvious to have, he believes these traits are of the utmost importance when interacting with people of another background and can be easily forgotten.  


what would you share with potential Yale-china fellows about your experience?

I have developed lifelong friendships with my co-fellows.

Spending two years with people who shared a similar curiosity about the world and who were excited for the adventure of living in China for two years (at least!) was a unique blessing

for which I am forever appreciative.

Yale-China Association