Alumni Spotlight: Carolyn Greene

Carolyn Greene


director of the influenza program 

United States Center for Disease Control Office China


Huazhong Teacher's University, 1990-1992



Carolyn and the Yale-China Fellowship

Carolyn's medical career has taken her to New York City, Atlanta, Boston and as far as Addis Adaba, Manil and Beijing.  She graduated from Yale University in 1989 with a B.A. in English with Distinction in the Major; however, this did not prevent her from pursuing her interests in public and allied health.  Much of her work has focused on epidemiology, and 

she's teamed up with professionals across the world to find ways to prevent highly infectious diseases.

In 2014, Carolyn returned to China as an employee for the United States Center for Disease Control.

During her Fellowship, she took full advantage of her newfound independence and participated in the growth of Huazhong Teacher's University by  

creating a Drama Club for English majors whose very first production was Our Town.

She attained First Prize in Foreigners Singing Chinese Songs Competition in Hubei Province, which was nationally televised.

This all led to Carolyn's acclimation with Chinese culture and her current position in the CDC Beijing office.

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