A Never-ending Food Parade

by beth harper




Yesterday Michelle, Christina and I had the greatest fortune in joining Cindy, her Gramps and two of his friends for a rollicking foodfest in downtown Hong Kong. The car came to pick us up (how nice!) to whisk us away to a stunning harbor front Chinese restaurant where we were treated to roast chicken ("I don't know what they do to those chickens in America but they have no flavor!"), eggplant, fish, sweet and sour pork, tofu and greens ("a leafy green, at last!") and all manner of tasty dim sum including the

fluffiest char sui bao I had ever tasted, little warm clouds of sticky pig mmmm.

When the red bean soup arrived to round out an already sumptuous meal we had already more than chi'ed that bao (吃飽, to be full from eating). But oh no, back in the car we went to cruise to a little specialist dessert diner for mango pancakes, ice cream and fresh fruit sundaes, walnut zhou (粥, congee or rice porridge)  and heaps of other slippy slidey tapioca deliciousness. Oh and the puff cream pastry, a couple of those were thrown in for good measure. Now we really were done, or were we.....

Back in the car to - where could it be?- an egg tart bakery! But of course!

Always room for a bite of warm eggy tart.

Full of warmth, both human and comestible, Christina and I were deposited at Pacific Place (one of HK's finest shrines to elite and highly conspicuous shiny consumption) to waddle around taking in the Chanel window dressings until Christina had a high tea date with the Williams Fellows (Lord knows how she managed that, Christina your sacrifice upon the altar of continuous dining is truly impressive) and I met a friend to visit the plangent orangutans , lively lemurs and spirited macaques at the Botanical Gardens next to the Peak tram (highly recommended!) They also have sedentary, gnarled up, old giant tortoises who are more my spirit animal. After a cleansing sencha tea, it was on to French fusion dinner for me, and Michelle and Cindy to dinner with a mysterious Russian with links to the Yale symphony orchestra.

Those orchestra kids.... But that's another blog post right guys?!  All this to say, awed and humbled by the generosity and hospitality I've experienced in Hong Kong and very glad Cindy is my Wuhan homie. Maybe Shanghainese will be my next challenge so I can catch the Cindy and Gramps gossip! #lifegoals

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